Mar 9, 2013

How To Apply For NBI Clearance Online Manila Philippines

This is an updated version of the blog I wrote previously about NBI clearance online application. There have been new links and rules implemented by the Bureau since I wrote the steps in my previous blog.  

NOTE: NBI online clearance application accepts payment of fee through G-cash or PPP only.

I.     NBI Clearance Fee payment through G-cash (Globe Telecom Payment System).

1.    Send the GCash payment to 28829175638053. You will receive Reference Number via text (SMS) message when your payment is successful.

The FEE depends on the purpose for which you will be using the NBI clearance. EXCESS or SHORTAGE on the required fee will VOID your application and the amount you paid will be FORFEITED.

The fees are P140.00, P190.00 and P440.00. Refer to the fee table below for the exact fee needed for your purpose.

If you do not have Gcash account, you can go to Globe or PPP payment centers and pay the required fee. Please refer to the fee table above.

Take note also that not all Globe payment centers accept NBI clearance payments.

Once you made the payment, your Reference Number will be printed on the receipt. Ask the cashier where the Reference Number is found on the receipt.

You will need the Reference Number on the next step.

2.     Go to the NBI website here to register.

3.     Upon successfully validating your payment, the agency will send to the email address you have entered further instruction on how to accomplish the registration process.

They will also email you a temporary password that you can use to access your account. You can change the password afterwards.

4.     Once you received the password, you can already Log In on the NBI website to complete your online registration.

How to complete the REGISTRATION PAGE

          a. Enter the Confirmation Code provided in the e-mail message sent to the e-mail address you

         b. Please fill in the appropriate fields with the valid information. You can select from the drop
             down boxes if these are provided.

         c. If you are a female who is either married, widowed or separated, then you have to enter your
             husband’s surname

         d. If you have an AKA with supporting documents, enter it in the field provided.

         e. NOTE: Click on the “Complete my Registration” button when you are already certain that you
             have entered the correct details completely.

             IMPORTANT: You won’t be able to edit the information you provided here in the succeeding
             steps or go ack to this page after clicking the button.

             IMPORTANT: All clearance under this account will contain the information you entered here,
             no other person/identity may be used under this account to get a clearance.

             If you desire not to continue yet with the registration, you may click “Cancel”.

         f. When you have successfully completed this page, a confirmation message appears.

            Click “OK” to proceed to the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE
            APPLICATION page.


        a. Please fill in the fields with the appropriate details. You may leave some of the fields blank (e.g. 
            AKA) if you cannot support it with the appropriate & valid documents. 

       b. If you wish to change the purpose of the clearance, you may do so by clicking on the green 
           button, labeled with the purpose you have chosen, found in the Clearance History (found above 
           the Personal Information section). A drop-down list will appear on which you can select the 
           purpose of your choice. 

           Click “OK” when you have chosen the purpose, otherwise if you wish not to change it, click 
           “CANCEL.” You may do this again and again as long as the clearance/s has/have a status: Not 
           yet submitted. 

        c. Click “Update Info” to save all the details you have provided even if you have not yet filled out 
            the form completely. This ensures information you have entered is saved to your Personal 
            Information. You may log back in anytime to complete whatever information needs to be

       d. Click “Save to Clearance” once you have completed the form and verified that it is correct and 
           true. The information you provided and the purpose you have chosen will now be written into 
           all the clearance/s with status: Not yet submitted, this will then change the Status to “Saved”. 

           We strongly advise you not to purchase clearance/s for future use (e.g. for next year) as this will 
           also be included in the saving process. The “Print” button will appear next to the clearance with 
           status: Submitted. 

       e. Click on the “Print” button. This will open a webpage which you must print on a white sheet of 
           paper the QR Code webpage. An email message will also be sent containing the same 
           information you see here. 

           IMPORTANT: The QR Code is a requirement for you to be able to queue in the online
           clearance lane. 

           When you have made another payment transaction, you may enter your details by clicking on
           Add New Reference No. in this page. 

        f. Remember to Sign Out when you’re done. Click on “Sign Out” found at the top right area.

           To be able to go back to this page, log in using your username and password. We strongly    
           advise you not to go through the registration process again as this would be tedious for you and    
           would defeat the purpose of having the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE
           APPLICATION page.

       g. After you have printed the QR Code webpage on a white sheet of paper, schedule your
           appointment by sending a booking request via a text message.

4.     Book Appointment Request via text (SMS) message.

You need to schedule an appointment with NBI office to have your fingerprints and picture taken.

NBI CLEARANCE OUTLET       ADDRESS                                                     LOCATION CODE
NBI MAIN OFFICE                       U. N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila    8AM-5PM      NBIMAIN
ROBINSONS PLACE ERMITA   Basement I Ermita, Manila         10AM-7PM     ROBERMITA
ROBINSONS OTIS                        Level 2 Guanzon St Paco, Mla  10AM-7PM     ROBOTIS
ROBINSONS GALLERIA            Basement I Ortigas Ave QC       10AM-7PM     ROBGALLERIA
ROBINSONS METRO EAST       Level 4 Marcos Hi-way Pasig     10AM-7PM    ROBEAST
ROBINSONS NOVALICHES      Novaliches, Quezon City            10AM-7PM     ROBNOVA
EVER GOTESCO MALL Recto   3rd Flr Cinema 3 Recto Ave, Mla 8AM-5PM     EVERRECTO
EVER COMMONWEALTH         2nd Flr Cinema I Comm., QC     8AM-5PM      EVERCOM

On your phone messaging system, create new message and input the following:



BOOK WXYZAB9 NBIMAIN 05262013 1100 Juan de la Cruz

Note: HHMM is the time you desire to go to the eClearance center of your choice (e.g. “0800” for 8AM, “1400” for 2PM.

Send message to: 09175638054

5.     Once you receive the Booking Confirmation Code, please take note of the date and time you are expected to appear at the NBI Clearance Outlet you have chosen.

Bring the QR code printout along with your 2 valid ID, such as:

a)  Valid passport            h)  School ID
b)  Voter’s ID                  i)  TIN ID
c)  Driver’s License         j)  Philhealth ID
d)  PRC License             k)  Authenticated Birth Certificate
e)  SSS ID                       l)  Alien Cert of Registration
f)  GSIS UMID             m)  Senior Citizen
g)  Postal ID                   n)  Previous Copy of NBI Clearance

6.     Present the QR code printout once you’ve arrived at the clearance center then proceed to the eClearance lane.

Reminder: Dress appropriately. Anyone wearing sleeveless shirt (including sando), shorts or sandals will not be allowed to enter the NBI Clearance center.

7.     Your fingerprints (via biometric) and photo will be taken.

If you have no criminal record or namesake, you can get your NBI clearance on that same day.

Those who have namesake will be advised to return to the NBI clearance center on the date printed at the back of the official receipt.

Those who have criminal record/s will be given instruction on what steps to do.


Careful steps have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the processes herein laid out for securing NBI clearance online. These steps are valid as of the date of the writing of this article. It is your responsibility, however, to verify that the requirements herein mentioned are still valid and acceptable by the NBI by visiting their website at


Kareen Lagasca said...

Hi po! magaling po ung ginawa nyo na gumawa po kayo nung guide kung pano po magapply NBI Clearance Online, hindi na po ako nahirapan unlike po sa nabasa ko na manual po maraming salamat po at ipagpatuloy nyo po ang ginagawa nyo. marami po kayong natutulungan.

Sheila Marie Carretero said...

Hi, what if I wanted to change the time for booking request? I already sent the booking request and they replied but I wanted to change it for an earlier time. Is it possible? Thank you.

Mils Bautista said...

Hi, ask ko lang po kung pwedeng irenew ko ang nbi clearance ng brother in law ko. Requirement nya sa working visa sa china. Ako lang po ang mag aapply para sa kanya dito sa Pilipinas.

ni cole said...

Thanks. This guide is so helpful

JetzterX said...

online registration na nga.. d parin automatic system generated pa yung mga email confirmations..

govt sucks

Sophia Gaveria said...

Gaano katagal yung email confirmation? :/

Jonina Capili said...

Eh! epal naman di makaalis na application form! "Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate." eh ilan beses ng nacheck. 10 beses na. anu kaya ang may problema dito? gcash o ung website ng nbi? -_- . kakagaling ko lang sa Gcash payment center tapos ganun nga ngyayari. enebeyen -_-

Karissa Abarquez said...

anong ginawa mo jonina? ganun din sakin ngaun e.. huhu

Jayson Solis said...
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Jayson Solis said...

I tried to apply online today and it seems like the error about "Invalid Reference Number and Payment Date" still exists. Does any one from here actually have a successful transaction via the NBI website recently?

kryxxen said...

"Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate."
ganto lumalabas skin nung una.. then d other day nagtry ulit ako and pinaltan ko ung date on receipt tas ayun ok na!! july 29 tlga nklagay sa reciept pero july 30 tinype ko sa validation of payment..try nyo..

Virgilio Tiangco said...

mandurugas. bayad na't lahat, biglang "Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate." ang lalabas. nakailang ulit na ako, ganyan pa rin nangyayari. ano b dhilan bat ngkakagnto? ksma rn ba toh sa daya ng government? haysss

pallida Mors said...

So this is not working? I was planning to apply online.

Loreli Angeli Macapagal said...

I've been doing this since morning after paying at the globe center I immediately tried to go online but this shit always comes out "Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate."

WHAT TO DO NOW????????

Marie said...

AAAArgh! Me too! Nkkailang ulit na ko, same error message p din. Nakaka-frustrate!!!

bbqvinegar said...

Ok na ba ung mga email registration nio? Ganyan din akin e. Pero baka dahil sat at sunday ako nagrregister ng transaction at email... update pls

Marie said...

Hi! Just found out that you need to wait for at least 24 hours before you can use the reference number of your gcash payment. I was able able to complete the process the next day. It seems that the system can only recognise the gcash payment after 24 hours.

ANON said...

Just an additional input based on my experience last August 23, 2013. :-)

I paid through a Gcash outlet on August 22, 2013 at around 7pm. Prior to purchase I called NBI online helpdesk and talked to a very nice agent named Eric who assisted me throughout the whole process. According to Sir Eric, regardless of what time (morning or evening) and where (Globe Business Center, Villarica pawnshops, Tambunting pawnshops, etc) you made your Gcash cash in transaction it will all be transmitted by Gcash at night (probably after closing of all Gcash outlets) and will be encoded by NBI from 10am to 12nn the following day. So if you follow the 24hr rule, like for example you paid at 9am today and checked 9am the following day, you will still get an error message. Likewise, even if you made a payment at night like in my case at 7pm, you will be able to validate your reference number between 10am to 12nn the following day, depending on when the NBI agents are able to encode your reference number on their system. Hope that helps. :-)

And if you choose to claim your NBI clearance at Robinsons Galleria, you go directly to Step 3, there is a dedicated (much shorter) line for NBI online applicants but after picture taking and fingerprint scanning you will still have to line up at step 4 together with the non online applicants. :-)

PS: SM North department store Gcash outlet doesn't accept NBI clearance cash ins for quite some time already according to the lady I spoke with due to transaction problems. Not sure if other SM department stores has that problem.

Vampire and Fairy said...

I had the same mistyped error message and it was indeed annoying. I sent an email to and after 1 hour they replied that I should try again and that they have fixed the issue. I did and it worked and I'm on my way to visit a branch now. Hope this helps the others.

Ernalyn Camacho said...

Hi! Can i ask what will i do.. ung surname q mali.. waaahhh! Kainis im using my phone kc.. accidentaly npindot ung ok.. bgla nlng nagload.. what will i do? Should i pay again on gcash or ulitin ulet by changing my email? D q p xa nssave... pls help.. thanks!

Karen Viray said...

Good thing may blogs sa mundo!!Thank you EVERYone for sharing ung experiences & tips nyo..

voiceFromWithin said...

magkano ba tlga yunf payment na issend sa gcash number nila?? 140 + 25 ba?? sabi kasi sa manual may convenience fee of 25php... eh baka kasi kpg 140 lng, baka sabihin shortage..o kaya baka 140+25 pla dpat, excess nmn... sayang pera...

Sherryl Castro said...

Is there anyway to know what Gcash Payment centers accept NBI clearance payment? Hirap magikot sa fairview area -_-

diana said...

Is it open on Saturdays?

Harold Bunda said...

The latest situation at NBI Satelite Office at Quezon City Hall and Robinson's Galleria:

uno mass said...

watch en learn the fastest way to fill up NBI online application

Roy Charles said...
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Bloggerman said...

There's a more updated instructions about this query. This is based on the NBI official website itself:

Bloggerman said...

Oh seems the link doesn't work. Try this link